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Paladina Olive Oil

From an innate passion for the land and from hard work, done with attention and commitment, comes our prized Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a product of the highest quality. “The Paladina Oil moves in the glass in a dense and shiny manner with emerald green reflections. You are immediately enveloped by the beautiful structure of aubergine, green banana and apple, which predominate, compared to the black pepper which persists for several seconds. Subsequently, vegetal notes are found given by the ivy leaf and rosemary. The finish of this oil is structured and leaves sensations of almond and hazelnut.” (10 Years of Terre d’Olio, Guide by Fausto Borella). Thanks to a careful selection of the local olive cultivars (such as Frantoio, Pendolo, Leccino and Moraiolo), an early harvest of the fruit from the tree and a cold extraction of the oil, carried out in the first 24 hours after harvesting, the guarantees a product rich in polyphenols, low acidity and a good fruity flavour. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for dips, salads, legume soups, grilled vegetables, fish, white and red meats.